10ft – 12 ft Great White caught off Kapiti Boat Club – Snapped line

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Went fishing this morning at 8:00am to catch the low tide change at 8:30am. We caught 3 Snapper, 5 Kahawai and 2 Mackerel. We also caught a good 10 – 12ft Great White Shark. This was at a depth of about 20m and about 100m south of the Kapiti Boat Club. I don’t know how rare or common this is however I thought I should make this quick post, it would be good to hear if anybody has sighted this Shark or has caught anything like this before. I know it of its size and type as it took my half fillet of Mackerel then jumped about 8 ft out of the water – after stripping my line about 30m from the boat. Obviously it cut my line but I wouldn’t want this near our 8ft boat – What can am I saying I caught this directly under our boat!!.

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  1. karl says:

    Hey Korin, just spotted this article about catching a white shark , when was this ? curious as to time of year :)

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