2 snapper – depth testing in Kapiti

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Thought we would give yesterday try after work and it paid of with 2 Snapper. Not large Snapper but the beautiful 35 -40 cm Snapper. We took the boat out off Paraparaumu Boat club again and there it wasn’t rough at all. Just a little chop. We headed to 34m deep and dropped our lines – anchored about in line with the links tower. It wasn’t sunny but slightly over cast. The time we got out was about 5:30pm.

I had tied a Snapper rig – well what I read snapper like. It is a running sinker rig, basically you put the sinker above your swivel then attach the hooks to the rig. So the hooks are at the bottom and the sinker above them. I tied on 2 black magic weird shape hooks which are suppose to hook into the corner of the fishes mouth.

I used squid and my brother wanted to try these scented baits. They are made from a protein therefore they break down and apparently they are suppose to catch more fish than bait, yet I can’t see how they can clam this – let alone test it to make such a comment. Anyway we thought we would test these out while I put squid on my hooks.

At the 30 m depth we felt like it was too deep and we noticed another larger boat come in from Kapiti had parked up closer in. We gave this depth about 10mins before we decided this was not a good spot. Plus we hadn’t seen any fish on our $90 portable fish finder – Kinda cheap but gives off a good depth reading and does show fish. We wanted something cheap and they had some interesting cheap ones on Trade Me. We pulled up anchor and headed closer to shore, in-line with the larger boat. This was about 20m of water and earlier in the day someone had told me that the Snapper were in shallower at this time of the year. It felt better and the chop on the water was starting to die down. Within 5mins of dropping our lines I had a small nibble. Followed by a quick nibble action. I pulled and had a fish on my line… Not having caught a lot of sea fish I just reeled up hard and didn’t really play the fish. Getting to the boat I called out “Snapper!!”. We netted it and we quickly killed it. I struggled to get the new type of hook out of its mouth – which was hooked in the side of the mouth like the box said. I rushed to get my line down there and my brother didn’t seem to be getting a nibble at all. Rebating my hook I dropped it down and again within a few minutes and some small nibbles I had another Snapper. I made the call perhaps we have hit a school of Snapper. Again I struggled to get the hook out of the mouth, so these are great hooks – when I find the box I’ll let you know what they are called. After this we didn’t get anymore bites. My brother got a small shark and I got a small Kawhai when we went trolling. It was not a bad effort for a couple hours fishing, even if we only got action for about 10mins… it seems to be what happens with sea fishing. I really do need to work out what currents do here in Kapiti – when is a good time to fish and how do fish feed…

The Fish depth tests we did was done in a spot straight out from the links tower. It’s not overly tech we basically started at 30m and headed towards shore at different depths. It’s nothing conclusive but we got no fish at 30m, 2 snapper 1 shark at 20m and nothing at 15m 10m and a small Kahawai at 5ms. Its more of interest to me to test the different depths when i go out, i’m not concluding anything – just interesting.

I think snapper at this time of the year do seem to be getting caught closer in. The ones we have caught have been in depths of 20 – 30m. I’m not to sure what the Snapper are feeding on. Is it Pippies or crabs? are they coming in closer for the warmer water or the spawning fish? I have been catching them on a mixture of squid and pippies. This new Snapper rig is really good, basically the way I see it works is that Snapper pick up the bait normally and test it out – usually swimming away with it. If it doesn’t seem right they spit it out. With standard rigs they can feel the weight and tend to spit them out quickly. With the Snapper rig they get the chance to take the bait and swim off without spitting it out. Anyway the weather looks a bit dodgy at the moment, however if the wind doesn’t pick up I might get out tonight. See what happens over this weekend, if the weather is good i’m definitly going out and tonight i’ll be having snapper fishing and chips!!

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