2 Snapper! along the Beach – Fishing

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First Snapper this Summer

First Snapper this Summer

We went out yesterday at midday in near perfect conditions. The water was a couple of degrees warmer than a couple of weeks ago and there was a lot of bird activity from Paraparaumu Beach through to Raumati Beach. Alot of this was in the shallow water, but great sign to see so many bait fish and large schools of Kahawai… we all know with large schools of Kahawai come larger fish. We decided to head out front of the Kapiti Boat club again at depth of 24m. With the tide heading out we drifted south towards Raumati Beach. The water temperature was reading about 16°c so this was a great sign for Snapper. I had baited my larger rod with a good size squid tenticle on a snapper rig and it wasn’t long before I had the familiar take of a Snapper – it kept down, with small tugs and didn’t run. I knew it wasn’t a large Snapper however I was excited that it was the first of Summer and first for quite a while. Getting it to the boat it was a perfect size for the pan. I am very much into keeping the smaller size snapper over the larger ones as I am very much into letting larger older Snapper breed. The Smaller Snapper make for easier filleting and also better eating in my opinion.
PC120033 (Small)
We drifted down towards Raumati Beach however didn’t hook up on anything so we decided to go and investigate the large bird activity in the shallows (a depth of about 3m). Also I forgot to mention it was around this time we lost battery power to our new Garmin 300c so we were fishing blind but we are use to this so just decided to muck around and try something alittle different in this shallower water. We did hook up on small Kahawai at this depth, releasing the smaller ones and keeping a couple of good eaters. After this little bit of action we decided to head back to where I caught the last Snapper and again it didn’t take long to catch yet another nice pan size one. At the same time my smaller rod hooked up on a Kahawai and also my brothers bait got stripped – which makes us think a school of Kahawai and Snapper came through.

Our New Garmin 300c

Our New Garmin 300c

The location of where we caught these Snapper was at a depth of about 20 – 24m and along Paraparaumu Beach Parade… basically from the shops through to where the road turns inward towards Raumati Beach….

It’s a great sign that the Snapper are along the beach now so I hope people can get out there and start getting some of that great Kapiti Snapper!

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  1. korin says:

    yes definitly, Paraparaumu beach is your best bet. Its a beach launch but the sand is pretty solid plus due to Kapiti Island been in the way of the swell most of the time is fairly calm. I only started fishing really earlier this year however I am amazed how many fish there are out here, especially I was surprised about the number of Snapper. I didn’t even think Snapper would be out here of our own door step and let alone catching them on the beach ( when i mean beach i’m talking about sandy bottom, theres also a tonne of reef to be fished around Kapiti Island ). A mate of mine I saw just before we were about to launch on that day he had just got 2 king fish (released), a couple of large Tarakihi and I think some Gurnards… They didn’t have any Snapper luck…. i’m so happy however to see a lot of bird activity and also small schools of bait fish. I would think the waters in wellington maybe a bit cooler so might take a bit longer for the Snapper to migrate down that way. Check out the comments i made here for more info on launching at Paraparaumu Beach and also boat launching areas: http://raumatibeach.co.nz/fishing_info/2009/04/pukerua-bay-snapper-fishing/

  2. brockhopper says:

    well done mate
    I’m still waiting for the snapper to show up in the wellington habour but am thinking of coming up to Paraparaumu coast and trying my luck there! Just not sure how it will be launching my boat up there, But i have a 4 wheel drive so maybe could launch it at the beach? Any ideas?

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