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We went fishing on Saturday at around 12pm just to see if the Snapper might have come in at Paraparaumu Beach. Having not done any fishing over Winter we were a bit rusty. We got our little Zodiac out and scrubbed it off. We headed out at Paraparaumu Beach and had a quick fish as high tide was approaching (high tide was at 2pm’ish). We tested our usual spot off the boat club at around 20m of water. We didn’t however have a fish finder as on our last fishing trip last summer it decided to finally fill with water and die on us – we weren’t expecting much from it as it was just a cheap hand held one, we won off Trade Me. Very soon however we are going to get a really good portable fish finder – as this is an essential piece of equipment needed to target different fish. It really was just a guessing game and we really didn’t catch a lot except for 3 Kahawai and 3 or 4 blind eels. It was nice however to finally get out on the boat again and enjoy the good weather. Perhaps this summer we will finally get out a bit further and give Kapiti Island a test – It’s just a bit risky with the small boat we have. I’m sure there is Snapper being caught at the moment however I don’t know if they are in the shallower waters just yet.

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