Baiting Crab onto a hook

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Baiting a hook properly is very important when it comes to catching fish. Baiting crab onto your hook can leave you scratching your head and asking the question, how do I bait crab onto my fishing hooks? This was recently asked on our forum. Thanks to Fishing Members DJ288 and Carl for these “how to bait crab onto your fishing hook” techniques. Forum Post can be found here: Fishing Forum

How to bait crab onto your fishing hook

Baited Crab on hooks - Click for larger image - Thanks Carl for the image


- Pull off the limbs and shell and cut it in half down the length of it.

- Put 6/0-8/0 hook though leg socket in middle and angle it towards the back of the crab slightly and push it out through the underside of the crab.

- Wrap in bait elastic (what is bait elastic? Like cotton however it’s elastic so its very stretchy, it’s found at most fishing stores (even the Warehouse) and is used to wrap bait onto the hook so that it stays there. Essential if using fresh softbait like mussels or crab. )

notes: use frozen crabs as it is much cleaner and easier to do. Also with frozen crabs, when you make the cut, the white crab meat will separate from the guts and crap in the front of the crab leaving you with just meat (better with larger crabs).

Alternative Additions (Thanks Carl):
A couple of ways I like to rig up paddle crab baits, prepare as dj says above by removing the shell and legs.
- For half a crab bait I like to used a single 4/0 or 5/0 Gammy circle hook.
- Ensure your hook isn’t too buried in the bait otherwise you can drop fish.
- For small crabs I like to use two 2/0 Gammy circle hooks.

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  1. mike says:

    I have found that a section an old plastic onion bag or windbreak material is easier than tying bait on.lay mesh out to req,d size place bait inside fold up to a tent shape, add hook either inside or out, tie at top, bait also lasts longer when there are”pickers” around.
    It works well on Tope and shark, but not sure on fussier species.

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