Cheap Fish Smoker How To

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yes you can buy a stainless steel fast fish smoking draw from warehouse, mitre 10 or a fishing shop, but these are usually in the range of $40 – $200. You can make one just as good out of normal kitchen items or pick up the missing piece for a few $ and they are just as good as the bought ones, all you need is a bbq or portable outdoor cooker.

What you need:
1x oven tray/roasting tray, deep dish.
1x cake cooling rack.
1x roll of tin foil.
1x bag of wood chips.

1. sprinkel wood chips in bottom of oven tray.
2. place cake cooling rack over the wood chips.
3. put in your fish fillets and cover the tray with tin foil.
4. place on the bbq or out door cooker on low temp and smoke your fillets. you can also do this inside on the stove if you dont mind your kitchen smelling like smoke for a day or 2.

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  1. Fishing Coastal says:

    Depends on the size of the fish but probably 10 – 15mins obviously longer if the fish is quite thick or shorter if its tiny. You really just need to keep checking on it and opening it up till you can work out if it’s nicely cooked through. Over doing it will make it chewy so often fish is best slightly underdone rather than well cooked through

  2. Ian says:

    Thanks! Great simple article but could you tell me how long you should let it smoke for before removing it. We (or more specifically my 8 y/o daughter) caught a small yellow tail possibly Kahawai off the wharf in Raglan on Sunday & thought it would be nice if she could do something with it to take to school in lunch & show off or whatever. Thing is it’s really small at only 150 gm for the whole fish so what do you reckon? Regards novice dad.

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