Coastal Fishing Trip Sunday 13th

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Went to a wedding on the Saturday and got home at about 10 pm so decided to go for a fish, arranged with Ozz to head out to spot x at 5-5.30 am Sunday,I was running late as a dickhead decided to roll his car in front of me but all was good 1 hour late, got to the car park and loaded the gear and we were off on the walk,I had to buy some berley on the way down as I had none at home(but will come back to this soon). We took our time as Ozz had a pretty heavy pack ( I had approx 25 kgs in mine) anyway I got to the ledge and couldn’t see Ozz anywhere so I put my pack down and headed back. I had to carry his pack for him, not a problem as I”m happy to help, anyway we got our gear together and started to get the berley sorted. I cut open a berley bomb and all I can say is SHIT that’s the best way to describe it. It was rotten smelt, like rotten meat, green blue and bad smell so never again – I will make sure I have a least 30-50 kgs at home for now on. Back to the fishing we saw a kingi with-in 10-15 minutes of getting the berley into the water. We also saw a few snapper but they would not feeding. Spent all day watching the bait come and go and some big bloody rays at out feet, approx 3/4 before dark(was a long day) my livey swam straight in to the rocks there was a king approx 18 kg at my feet playing with it then he left followed by another one still no hook up not to worry next time. We left about 8.30 pm, so 12-13 hours fishing was enough. I will let Ozz tell the story about the swimmers as well, one thing though the reason his pack was so heavy the doz or so beers in the pack, so next time no beer and remember to bring water…

By Ozz
haha yeah, we got out there a bit late… wasn’t a bad day fishing, pretty dead over the mid day high and cheers again for taking my pack that last 20m pretty unfit(and u know why) and u realised what i was to tired to realise as well. Pack straps were too loose (don’t use that pack often, the pack swaying on my back was taking the piss out of me)… my god that berley u picked up was SHIT and that’s an understatement!!! blue/green rotten logs of crap!!! I’m 90% sure it wasn’t even fish as well, it smelt like rotten meat, like rotten old maggot filled steak!! not rotten fish… and those pillies I picked up on the way that weren’t even pillies… moral of that story don’t buy southern bait rubbish, make ya own berley, double check there are actually pillies in the bag when ya buy them, or buy the action bait pillies, they were in a class of there own compared to the southern bait ones… they don’t have all the oil/flavour/juice frozen out of them… shit one bag of the southern bait pillies even had some weird flourie shit all over them, almost like salted but wasn’t salt, was flour or something…
lol… the story of the swimmers/warehouse dive gear kids around the corner that made me laugh… we heard voices around the corner so Mark goes up to check, sees these teenagers messing around “oi, OI, hey you guys!! we been berleying up hard!!! we had some big sharks coming threw right where ur trying to dive!!!” almost walking on water out of there and gone… We go back to fishing without Muppet’s scaring off our fish… just like that Muppet in the yak that parked right on top of our lines “duh huk, what are the fishing regulations around here??!?!”
I’ll remember to bring the water when u remember to to take a good 50m off ur calcutta, fair enuff? lol at ur 9/10 casts bird nesting just coz u were too lazy to take take some line off and tie the trace back on, spent way more time fixing the nest each cast then it would have to take the line off… mind u were both lazy fishos, sit back relax and just wait for the clicker to click…

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