Friday Fishing

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There was little wind yesterday and the chop on the water didn’t look to bad so we decided to go out at Paraparaumu Beach. My Snapper Rig worked well yesterday but I did notice it started to tangle when it got into a current or it might have been just the line getting twisted. There was no other cars on the beach so we assumed there was no one else out there fishing. There was a nice south swell coming onto the beach but we decided to head out again and straight to 20m. I decided today to wear a wetsuit which was a good choice as getting out the Zodiac did take on some water getting out. When we got to 20m a large south swell was coming almost across us and the current was heading south – so swell going one way and current going the other. Luckily the current turned our boat in a good position for the burly to work its magic. Yet dropping our lines and using a standard rig we got nothing. Well until my brother got a decent size Kahawai – At Least this trip wasn’t a total disappointment. We did bobble up and down on the boat for a while in the large swell and watched as the waves crashed up the beach at Waikanae. We were positioned in the same place about in line with the links tower and we got out there about 5:40pm. Every time I have caught at least a Kahawai but last night I got nothing. We headed closer and closer to shore to do some depth testing going in at 5m intervals yet nothing – plus we weren’t seeing anything on the Fish Finder.

There was a lot of small sticks and rubbish in the water so I don’t know if it was the roughed up water or current or just we were in the wrong place. Anyway all a long learning curve and it was a bit frustrating but at the same time it was nice especially when there was no wind and the top of the water got very Glassy. Later on at about 8:15pm the North Wester came through and roughed up the water so we headed in.

A disappointing fish but atleast we did bring home a nice Kahawai which will smoke up nicely for dinner tonight. Today looks a bit windy and wet so might call it a miss. It’s suppose to be good fishing according to the chart so if you get out then good luck.

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