Good fishing for next couple of days

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Well I have done some fishing since my first 2 posts. we caught a Snapper and a Gurnard off Paraparaumu and also an interesting experience around the Pukerua Bay Reef in a large swell which lead to almost having to cut our anchor as it got stuck in 50m depth of water – Not a nice experience. We didn’t catch much when we tested Pukerua Bay reef – just reef fish, but prehaps we had our lines to much on the bottom. We spent a whole day there and the swell was a good size with lots of workups…. probably won’t fish there in a small boat as it’s just to dodgy. This trip didn’t really start out right either from launching the boat we spotted a Sharking finning around in the shallows so we didn’t really putt out – it was more just go go goooo…. if we were in a larger boat I think it wouldn’t have been an issue. We got lots of small nibbles which would strip our bait and we did manage to hook up a small blue cod, so we think thats what was nibbling our bait off. The next day we went up to Paraparaumu and managed to catch a Snapper and Gurnard which was a great change from the Kahawai we kept catching. The Snapper cooked up really nice and so was the Gurnard – nothing better than fresh fish, a million times better than supermarket fish!…

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