How to bleed a Kahawai

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The First thing you need to do is to kill the Kahawai. The best method is with several hard blows to the head with a fish donger. The heart will beat for several minutes after the Kahawai has died, so there is no worry about the blood not coming out.

If you catch a Kahawai you will want to bleed it fairly quickly otherwise the meat will spoil or you might end up with that fishy taste. The best way to bleed a Kahawai is to cut up through the gill latch just past the gills (with a sharp knife) then up through until you reach where the spin and head met. This will cut through first the Ventral Artery, and then through the Dorsal Artery and Vein (found just under the vertebrate).

Next pull the top of the head back towards the spin and blood should start to squirt out. You can also cut up from the bottom of the tail through to the vertebrate (this cuts through the lower Dorsal Vein and Artery). If you are on a boat do this over the side since it can get messy. It’s a good opportunity as well to gut the fish and clean out any excess blood using the sea water. To keep the meat in its best form you should then put the Kahawai on ice.

Bleeding Kahawai is a good idea and the sooner you do it the better the result in terms of meat quality. A common mistake is that people don’t bleed Kahawai soon enough and the result is horrible tasting meat which might put them off eating Kahawai ever again. This is a common mistake with many newer fisherman and as a result Kahawai often get labelled as a second class fish for eating. If you bleed Kahawai and preserve them well then this is a great source of fish for dinner and since it’s a very easy fish to catch your dinner plate shouldn’t get empty.

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how to bleed a kahawai

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3 Responses to “How to bleed a Kahawai”

  1. Shannon Taukamo says:

    I Bleed mine as soon as I catch the Kahawai if Surf casting I will bleed it straight away. If I’m on a boat leave it Untill I’m heading back to shore and then bleed them. It just leaves more time for fishing that way.

  2. Karl says:

    I cut the head off immediately, I cut behind the front fins, and take the guts out.

    The gill area on Kahawai starts rotting immediately.

    Its important with Kahawai, and all fish in my opinion, to not touch them with fresh water, salt only, same goes with ice, fresh water starts an enzyme reaction that starts the decay process faster.

    I cut my Kahawai on a board in a fish bin to stop the blood splatter. I do each fish as I catch them.

    • Shannon Taukamo says:

      I never keep the heads or deal with the gills not many people do. And starting from the anal and right through to the top of the throat is where I make my cut for gutting I honestly don’t know why people start at the tail as this can contaminate the meat in the gutting process. The guts start from behind the gills and ends at the anal.

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