Kapiti midweek fish

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We did go out yesterday with not a lot of luck. We went out at Kapiti boat club just of the links tower at about 26m. We caught one Gurnard, unfortunately we found it to hard to get our lines to the bottom as the current was very strong as we predicted it would be at 6pm onwards. The tide was on its way out, so to have no current yesterday we would have had to fished at 4pm. The tide would have been full at this time. There were a lot of boats our yesterday and the sea had no chop at all on it, so it was a beautiful evening fish. Pity our lines couldn’t reach the bottom. We did try my brothers down rigger – however we used weight lifting weights and I think the shape of the weight just got caught up in the current and just drifted also not reaching the bottom. That was using about 4kg of weight. What we need for this to work is probably a spherical shape weight ball. Somehow my brother caught a good size gurnard, kinda strange I thought they were bottom feeders. It looked like others had good luck yesterday but I think our problem was just timing wasn’t right. I already knew that we wouldn’t get our lines down without a lot of weight so I wasn’t rating yesterday evening as a good day to get out there. I think Friday might prove a good day for the current should have dropped at 6pm, but the weather might be an issue. We might give today a go and see what happens. I guess one Gurnard is better than going home empty handed.

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