Memorys made!

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Our 2008/ 2009 summer season! As the snapper and kingfish migrate to warmer waters the XOS blue cod, terakihi and groper move in with still the chance of the odd kingi or snapper from the deeper spots. After catching over 25 kingfish up to 20kg this season and releasing all but 3, and my boat buddy Claude catching over 25 too, encountering some nice big snapper and terakihi and getting a groper or 2 on board this has been the best season ever! Souly using jigs and softbaits with the exeption of a strayline or 2 we’ve learnt a heap of new techniques and styles of fishing, especially with our mechanical jigging gear. Looking forward to targetting the winter species around the reefs but always looking forward to the brute force of the kingfish next season and the distinctive tug of a nice big snapper. Go the small wakas and chur Tangaroa!


Snapper on softbait


Claude onto a kingfish with Reece’s Kojak 300

Big bait = BIG snapper

Softbaited snaps


Dad wanted tea! Kingfish, small albacore tuna and snaps


What a find Kieran! Kieran, Me and Anthony with an estimated 80kg southern pacific Bluefin tuna


Longlined snaps


In action

Al (the wizard) and me in action – both Kingfish released, MAHEM!

Claude on! BIG bend in the TC 200

Andy & Claude – Both Ks released


And ofcourse the occasional dive when the kingfish get too much!



Pannie galore!

Claudes best for the season

Double header of terakihi 


My beast! 

Both on! Claude and me in other waka

Taking it EASY! Outwide with pro sport

Ryans first King! 


Nice 11kg albacore


Kept five released six.

Any Q’s etc.. Please ask! Got heaps more photos so let me know if you’re keen! Cheers, Isaac

If those photos dont show up here are some links..

Check them out! Cheers.

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  1. korin says:

    Hey Isaac, sorry totally missed this posting…. I just fixed up what photos I could work out from linking them to the fishing forum website. If you want me to fix the others just post the links to the photos here, i tried to follow the above links but i’m not sure if they are right. So are you experts in catching King Fish?? you’ll have to give me some pointers and stuff, i’m putting together some info on how to tie rigs etc etc so I can actually put a front page to this site… might also add a forum to it aswell… I’ll see if I can make it so people can upload photos easier aswell…

    Man haven’t been out inn a month or so, just been so busy with work and also average weather, what are you catching at the moment? Are there still any Snapper around?

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