Minor Shark warning at Raumati South

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Though we all know there are plenty of sharks out in Kapiti and i would hate to see people move away from the beach however my brother went out surfing at Raumati South at the Esplande and a good size Shark finned beside him. Obviously he went straight in however this was only at waist deep water and although it was hard to determine the size of the shark (he only saw the fin ) it was obviously a good size. Most likely the shark is chasing the large amount of bait fish in the water and so I can’t imagine human would be on the menu, but worth keeping an eye out. At this time of the year it’s not uncommon to get more Shark activity with the increase in fish numbers closer to shore and warmer temperatures.

Though we have had many sightings of sharks such as the famious great whites a year back (i’m sure i caught one on my line earlier this year) I don’t think we have had a shark attack here at Kapiti – which must mean there’s plenty of fish around!!! :-)


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