Moki Fish Red Rocks

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Arranged for a Moki mission with a few of the guys in the Wellington region Kiwicaster, Mole, Jordan, Jaypeegee, Ozz Wellington, Scattershot, Korin, Suresh (hope I haven’t left anyone out). We all met at the carpark at approx. 7pm and packed the 4x4s with all the gear needed and then some. We got to Devils Gate which looks pretty rough but as it turns out is fairly easy to navigate. After a pretty relaxed drive we arrive at our location to find Ozz stuck on the beach in his 4×4 (soft sand/gravel) so we spent the next 10 -15 minutes sorting it out including his bent exhaust system.

We started to get the gear ready for the moki bash. A few of the guys had never fished for moki before so I spent a little time getting the Kina/Mussel berley going, along with showing them the best rigs and how to bait up with mussels and prawns. It all happened pretty quick as young Jordan popped his Moki cherry on the first cast, it was a little under size but hey, he got the first Moki. A little time went by and all was pretty quiet until dark when the lice turned up.

Jordan with his Moki

At around 10.30pm Kiwicaster made the call to go so he and Jordan left for the night. We were running a sweep steak of $5.00 per person including a few other bits and pieces like Sakuma hooks, line and lures, that I donated. As Jordan caught the first fish it was only fair that he won the prize so good on him for a job well done.

After the guys left we decided to move down the beach to get away from the lice, approx. 400-500 meters. We got the berley going again as everyone got there gear sorted and lines out. It was like the gods were watching as the next 8 hours was full on. There were approx. 50 Moki caught between us all and they were all between 1- 4+ kg. I managed to land 17 of them and it was one of the best nights I have had targeting them. Mole also did very well with at least 10, while the other guys caught the rest between them. It was also great to see so many guys keen to try the new Sonik rods. I think most of them certainly felt the difference when fishing with them and I appreciate all the positive feedback. Thanks guys.

Early the next morning just as the sun was rising, some good fish caught during the early hours

At approx. 7 am we decided to call it quits as everyone was pretty tired, so we packed up and headed back to carpark. After the standard photos of the fish we headed off when Scattershot and I decided to go over to Oriental bay for a kingy mission. We put out some live baits and then tried to have a snooze. Well we got no sleep so after fishing pretty hard for 24 hours straight we called it a day and headed home. I had a 2 ½ hour drive ahead of me and was pretty stuffed by the time I got home. All an all it was a great nights fishing and good to see the guys catching Moki and a few of them popping that cherry. I will definitely organise another trip and would like to make it a regular event (well every couple of months or so). The next get-together will be in a different/remote location and targeting a different species.

Mole with a few of his Moki, caught on the Sonik Bass rod (this is an exceptional rod)

Jaypeegee with his first legal Moki, caught on a Sonik SK3

Rockfisher(me) with some of my Moki caught on the Sonik SK4

Most of the fish we caught were released for next time, while a few were kept for family and friends.

Jimmy with his Moke and Tarakihi caught on the Sonik SK3

A good time had by all I’m sure, until the next fish….Action Bait & Tackle

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