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Went out yesterday, however there was someone already parked up out from the links tower was so we decided to explore a different spot. It was very calm – like a lake, such lovely conditions. We got out at about 6pm and dropped our lines when the tide was just changing from the south direction to north. We parked up about 200m south of the stream next to the Paraparaumu boat club. We have also been exploring the different burly – the other day we even tried a bit of snapper in the mix. We had to give it a try as a book said that using snapper might actually not attract snapper. That occasion it proved correct and we didn’t get any Snapper that day. So this time we didn’t add any into the mix. We basically used very cheap Cat food – the cheaper the better, some minced up fat, pipi and oats. Dropping our line my brother got some quick nibbles and before he knew it the free spooling got into action. But as quick as the action started it stopped. Whatever it was had snapped his line or bit through it. He made another Snapper rig and put a large strip of squid on it. A short time later the nibbling started again and yet again it snapped his line. We were using 20lb trace but whatever it was must have been cutting it with its teeth. The strange thing was my line wasn’t getting any nibbling and we virtually had the same setup. I decided while he sorted out his line that I should cast into the area he was hooking up in. From our surprise the lighter 8lb rod we had out got a take and its drag was on. Screaming away. I grabbed the rod and decided to play this with a lot of drag on, knowing that there was a fish down there that was cutting through our lines. Taking my time I played this and it felt big. Then suddenly there was no fight and the fish pretty much just came to the surface. It was a nice Snapper just over the Pan size. If this was what was down there then the fish that snapped my brothers line must have been very large Snapper. We only caught a couple of large Kahawai (which we released) but didn’t catch anything else after the 30mins or so of constant nibbling. It was a nice calm clear day and there was lots of Kahawai activity around us. I could hear the guys in the boat off from the Links tower howling and hooting – so they must have been into some good action. The current went North and fast moving so we decided to call it a night. Atleast we got one Snapper for dinner. Next time we will try the 50lb line.

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