My first Kingfish – Video

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Video Showing my first Kingfish caught at Paraparaumu Beach:

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4 Responses to “My first Kingfish – Video”

  1. Suresh says:

    Thanks for the comments guys. I talked to another guy who has recently caught Kingis over the sand as well so theres obviously a few round at the moment.

  2. korin says:

    Its that time of the year bro, remeber last year around this time we caught sooooo many good snapper!

  3. johnnysplice says:

    Gee that was great to watch , good for you ………went out the other night to jig for a kingie but had no luck, I lost my 30 dollar jig I got from pete lamb and decided to put on an old one that had seen no action for a couple of years, well bugger me the rod bent over and up come a 12 pound snapper hooked on by the snorer

  4. JigKid says:

    Good stuuf. We’ve managed 2 kingis over the sand the past week along with more snapper than i can count. We got about 50 a week ago, kept 16 of the best fish as we were well overdue for some fish and shared it around. Just everywhere at the moment along with the kingis.

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