My son’s first fishing outing – Petone Wharf

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Well my boy has been asking me for a while to take him out so today was our day and what a great day.
Took him to petone wharf for his first ever fish, i asked him if he needed to go to the toilet before walking out on the wharf and he said yes, so off to the toilets we went.
Made the mistake of going to the ones by the park/trains.
“dad can i play for 5 mins?” 20 minutes later we are leaving the park and he has also milked me of a $1.20 for a lemonade popsicle :lol:
We got back to the wharf and headed out, he was just glad to be amongst it all we spent alot of time looking at what people had caught. I set him up with his little rod, spooned in some berley and he was away. It was awesome to see him struggling to hold on to his rod yelling dad i got a fish and its a spotty, He caught 3 spotties and a small kahawai before deciding we should go as the wind was picking up.
Successful day none the less and he had a blast.

Our cat had a primo dinner tonight.

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