Pukerua Bay Snapper Fishing

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I have been recently told the best way to catch Snapper at Pukerua Bay is just of the reef next to the highway. You find where the reef ends then drop your burley down and try and attract the fish away from the reef. I have been told it doesn’t have to be deep either – apparently around the 8m or so mark? Will definitly be trying this soon!! I like the fish activity around Pukerua Bay however I think you really need the right technique otherwise you catch alot of smaller reef fish.

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8 Responses to “Pukerua Bay Snapper Fishing”

  1. Jayson davis says:

    Is there anywhere you are aloud to surf cast at pukerua ba

  2. wai says:

    just been mulling over the site idea. depending on how good you are at fishing, youre either going to give the locals a good laugh or youre going to seriously piss us off…i’m already imagining a flotilla on the 8m mark and not a park in sight. On any good day/evening these days there could be up to 20 kayaks and 20 boats out there. Does the Bay need any more pressure on it than there already is?

  3. Rakesh Raman says:

    Hi Korin,

    Fishing is a disease to me… once you have it.. it’s in you for life! I love every aspect of fishing… relaxing/stress free/fun/sun/adventure..

    I’ve invested my money into the best gear I can buy on the market.. latest buy was a shimmano 6500B baitrunner.. best rod and reel I have bought! I’m flying up to my friends place this weekend to AKL.. we are def going fishing and i’ve packed my reel..but no cloths yet ; 0) Should be a cracka weekend with some intense fishing!

    I have a Navman 6500 which I installed on my boat few months back… still working out how to use it properly.. but like you I will be out this summer using it to help me catch fish.. hopefully a snapper;0)

    And you never know Korin.. i will see you on the water this summer..


  4. korin says:

    yeah i’m about to turn this into a proper website rather than just a blog, theres a great bunch of fisherman out here and it’s just amazing what you can catch on your own door step. Yeah don’t talk to me about up north, they have some amazing fishing… I only really started out here this year and didn’t even think you could catch Snapper… but we were catching them almost everytime we went out… and we didn’t even have a fish finder… ;-P

    you sound like you have a good setup, i’m a fly fisherman aswell for many years so I never really buy any pre made rigs, I tie any flasher rigs etc etc… other things to look for is cheap sinkers – they are the thing which costs alot often based on weight….

    the new site will have more tips and stuff when I finish building it…

    burley is quite important and so is learning about how the moon influences tides and fishing quality…

    We will be doing alot of adventuring this coming break over christmas and can’t wait to check out the bottom contours more…. I rate Kahawai alot, it makes for amazing fish and chips – even better than brought … Must be one of the underated fish, yet you are almost guarenteed a couple fishing …

    I want to try some king fish fishing… Kapiti Island is suppose to be really good… I still can’t get over the size of the ones this boat brought back when we last went out… they were huge… probably on the too large size however amazing fish… and when you start to catch alot of fish you start to look at the $50 snapper at the supermarket and laugh!

    • waiariki says:

      i use old sockets. can pick them up cheap from garage sales but are also cheap
      to buy new. you get different weights and you are not leaving a pile of poisonous lead on the bottom if you lose them

  5. Rakesh says:

    Hey Korin,

    Mate that is outstanding! You have given me so much info here.. thats just brilliant! I will def try launching my boat at kapiti boat ramp this summer.. I hear the fishing around this area is running hot and I can’t wait to explore around. Before buying my boat I would often fly to Auckland and go fishing with my best mate on his Haines Hunter.. we’ve caught some amazing fish up there.. and the snapper are on the bite all year round. I’m a bit like you.. i love the panny size snappers and have always released the breeding fish.. But since buying my 13ft Sea Nymph/40ph i’ve been everywhere in the wgtn harbour.. I’ve caught some very nice kahawhai and trev’s/tarakihi as well but the snapper has always eluded me.. hmmm. Mind you I haven’t yet seen the full summer in wgtn harbour yet.. I use your standard snapper flasher rig.. I used to buy packets of them from Pete Lamb in wgtn.. but they are not cheap so I have started to make my own.. pretty easy and save you $$$$…

    Once again Korin thank you for the advise.. this infomation is def heading for my log book for future ref fishing around kapiti etc etc..


  6. korin says:

    Hey Rakesh, 9 months? unfortunitly it sounds like you just got your boat about the time the Snapper migrated away from the cooler waters ;-)

    Yes Kapiti has a fairly good access via the Kapiti Boat club. You will need to drive onto the beach and do a beach launch however. We only have an 8 ft Zodiac but there are plenty of bigger boats launched from the Kapiti Boat club. If your boats on a trailer often what is done is the car is reversed to the water edge and then the trailer is pushed out via hand into the water and boat released. Because the Kapiti Boat club has very calm water (it’s the most sheltered place to launch on kapiti due to Kapiti Island preventing large waves coming in… though in rough conditions most of the beach is hard to launch) it’s not hard to do the beach launch. Though things to remeber is that it isn’t hugely deep so could require getting the feet wet getting the boat out. Also there is a bar a short distance just off the beach so you don’t want to drop your motor right down till you clear this. If you join up to the boat club i believe you can use there tractor to launch the boat and this makes it really easy, basically just park your car up, attach the trailer to the tractor and drive this into the water….

    We have a two wheel van however we don’t use a boat trailer to launch our boat and the sand is fairly hard so no real issue there… as long as you keep within a 2 wheel drive car capibility. We prefer launching from Kapiti Boat club due to its calmer conditions plus you can park your car on the beach itself…and there’s plenty of people around, alot of people launch there boats from there. There is also ramps at Raumati Beach, Raumati South and also Pukerua Bay. However I suggest if you are launching a boat from Pukerua Bay you learn from a local how to get in and out as there is a shallow channel there and can be a bit dodgy… the ramp at Raumati South hardly gets used and therefore it’s a bit rough… I think Raumati Beach has the next best Boat ramp which is similar to Paraparaumu Beach however I don’t know how hard pack the sand is there….and conditions can be rougher there… There’s also a Boat Club up at Waikanae Beach which I haven’t yet had a look at however will give it a shot next calm day as I hear there are snapper up there. I think this would have fairly good Boating access…

    Snapper at the moment:
    On the beach areas I have heard reports of people catching Snapper north (in Waikanae area) and south (in Raumati South, Raumati Beach area – i’m also sure there would be some around Pukerua Bay)… however I believe it is still to cold for Snapper to start Spawning. I hear they need temperature of around 18°C …. our last readings from our fish finder out at Paraparaumu Beach was about 15°C … Doesn’t mean they won’t school together however I think they come in this area a little later – later Decemeber / Jan months…. There will always be resident Snapper however the nice smaller ones tend to migrate around. Earlier in the year ( Jan, Feb, March) we caught quite afew just out front of the Kapiti Boat club at about 20 -25m deep…

    When I recently brought my new fish finder I did hear someone say they had caught close to 70 Snapper around Kapiti Island or one of the reefs out there… unfortunitly with our small boat we haven’t dared to go out that far. On our last trip some people had caught some HUGE King Fish out at Kaptii Island, so there must be some amazing fishing out there…

    I think you should definitly catch a Snapper this comming summer somewhere, we were quite amazed when we got our first one just out the front of the boat club… Summer out here can be great aswell as you get some big schools of Kahawai up and down the beach and we even got a smaller kingfish …. Snapper also you need to have the right Rig otherwise they can be quite picky and spit out your bait if it’s not quite right…. also you don’t need huge hooks, I caught alot on smaller hooks with small pieces of squid… we were only targeting the smaller Snapper as i’m a big fan off keeping the older spawning ones to live another day… plus the smaller ones are great eating…

    anyway something to think about, i have no doubt you shuld catch a snapper this summer…. if you aren’t finding you are then you should start looking at your techniques, where you are fishing, etc etc…

    let me know how you get on

  7. Rakesh says:

    Hi Korin,

    I’m new to this site.. I’ve had my 13ft boat for 9months now.. haven’t caught a single snapper yet.. Am keen to get off the mark and catch one.. never launched at mana or kapiti… just in the wgtn harbour. Any good ramps out at kap?? I have a 2 wheel drive car only.. trusty corolla.

    Any advise is good advise..
    thank you


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