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We went out fishing a week or so back and managed to get 1 Snapper, 4 Kahawai, 1 Baracudda, 1 Gurnard, a few smaller Sharks and a couple of undersized blue cod – unfortunately I forgot the camera. It’s been a bit tough over the last week or so to get out due to the average weather – if its not raining it’s either to windy or we have had other commitments. It’s interesting that we are catching under size Blue Cod just north of Kapiti Boat Club and also about 1km south of the boat club. Often we are finding the baits on our smaller rods are getting eaten clean around these areas, which would suggest to me that there are quite a few smaller cod around. Until we go out again I can’t tell you the status of the Snapper, however with the recent weather and cooler temperatures it’s quite possible that the spawning Snapper have moved on – however I would think there should still be a good population of resident Snapper around. Well it’s the beginning of yet another month and this year seems to be flying past and with winter just around the corner it will be interesting to see what the cooler waters bring in.

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  1. korin says:

    Hey, it’s been quite hard to get out lately due to the weather and just busy at work with the sun going down now at the 5:30ish mark – it’s not as easy as in summer… might try to get out over the next couple of weeks but you should be able to write your own blog entries on here like I have which show up on the front page if you do any fishing trips…. there are quite a few younger guys I see out around the boat club when we bring in the boat… yeah unfortunitly Kapiti Island doesn’t allow people to live on it, lol… it’s actually fairly close and we could if we wanted to get over there in our small boat, but we catch quite abit just off shore here I havn’t really bothered to try it out…. Pukerua Bay is quite fun… and i woudl think pretty similar to kapiti island

  2. stern says:

    i wish i lived closer to kapiti island. i would be out on the water every day after school. when i syour next fishing trip??

  3. korin says:

    We actually caught a just undersized Kingfish off the boat club pretty much in the same place as the larger snapper. Most people I hear jig heavy lures off Kapiti island for them. Also one of my friends told me about his mate who caught a 20kg one off pukerua bay. I would think around Kapiti Island would be most productive as I have only caught one off the beach at Kapiti Boat Club – which might have been abit of a fluke… however there generally is a tonne of bird activity up and down the beach so it wouldn’t surprise me if they did patrol these areas…

  4. stern says:

    thanks for the reply mate will be trying these palces out once we have got our boat re fiberglassed thanks for your help. another question. it seems like there are alot of kingfish in the area, what is the preffred way to cath them and wear abouts.

  5. korin says:

    I think you will find that the Snapper have migrated as the season is coming to the end. However in saying this I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some resident larger Snapper. All the Snapper we have caught have been 30 – 20m depth off Kapiti Boat club, biggest snapper we caught are about 200 – 300m south of the boat club, about inline with the last hotels which I think are a cream colour. Otherwise you could try around Kapiti Island where I would think they hang around the reefs on the northern side and southern side. I’m sure there are tonnes of spots out there but I havn’t actually taken our small Zodiac that far out. Personally I perfer the samller Snapper over the large ones which I tend to release, however I think most of the smaller ones would have left by now… Other places which are good for snapper is down at Pukerua Bay anchoring just of the rocks along the highway there and also I have heard you get some good Snapper north at Waikanae beach. Just remeber we do have the Kapiti Marine reserve which you cannot fish I did a basic drawing in the Kapiti fishing map I created in the tabs above….

  6. stern says:

    hey there me and my dad are new fishing in kapiti. we have been fishing in Auckland mostly, so need help to target big snapper cheers

  7. korin says:

    Where abouts are you catching the Terikihi? Obviously I guess you won’t catch them around Pram beach but I have heard around Pukerua Bay area, which it looks like you are in the photo above?
    What else do you catch during winter months? It’s been so hard to get out as it’s getting dark by the time I finish work.

  8. Isaac says:

    Hey there,

    as the season as we all know is sadly coming to an end i’ve been looking back at all the awsome days we’ve had out in the small wakas and know I can look forward to HEAPS more and know winter holds some primo fishing – XOS blue cod, the usual terakihi (been catching them up to 3kg+) groper, and still the odd kingfish and snapper in the deeps. Here are some photos from our summer at Kapiti.

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