Sometimes the fishing gods are against ya hey?

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Went out for a first light fish this morn becoz wind dropped right off, low cloud cover, good moon and tide… thought sweet lets go nail some easy pannies in the harbour… got down there was mint as and i started saluvating(it really looked that good, perfect conditions), set my rods ups and got all compfy, first cast, wind caught it and a decent 100-120m cast with whole occy arm 8/0 with 6/0 keeper(i dont piss around targeting snapper, if it cant take a 6/0 it aint worth catching)… im thinking ok sweet awsome, cast other rod out at my feet… then the skys open up and blows a fucking ghale!!! gusts to 70kts easy and pisses down on me, so i think #$#$#@$ this, get back in the truck thinking “wait for it to pass, its still good” no it didnt pass!!! it got worse!!!… i think fuck this and go home… soon as i get home it perfect fishing weather again, winds dropped right off and theres going to be an abundance of low pressaures around in the right spots.. should have looked into it more… i watch about 6 weather/swell sights dayly to know the weather and this prick of a storm was on none of them… if i knew i would have been out fishing b4 the storm hit, calm b4 the strom send fish into a feeding frenzy!!! i feel so gutted aye, fully ripped off, no point going back out coz im just gona be feeding the spotties and brown cod… gutted!!!

if the wather stays nice like this RF, ignore my txt, i might make the drive up to that place tonight,ill bring the crab and cray and we can throw out big baits over night for 15kg+ grots till first light and hiff the snapper baits out, and if it actully turns 40kt SSE ill have my shark reel in the truck and put a whole live ky or whole 3-4kg skippy out under a rubbigh bag 1.2-1.5km off shore, if the winds like that there aint no harm in trying… and that place we might be is going to be really dirty water, i find it magnets for sharks, the merky warm water…

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