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I have finally rejoined my old fishing club and for my first Fishing comp I decided to fish Wire Rock. I arrived at the car park approx 3pm got all my gear ready including the berley (with my secret ingredients) and off I went on the 30min walk, only to find a southerly blowing straight at me. No worries I thought, I can handle that wind not a problem. Along the walk I met a guy who lives locally and is a diver, he showed me some channels (big ones as well) all within casting range. He informed me that there is an abundance of copper and blue moki around in certain areas. One of these channels produced 2 x snapper up to 5.6 kg a day earlier for the one of the local water rats (good start). So thanks to local guy for this information. I continued on my way to the rock. Upon arriving I figured it was safer to climb over the rocks in 3 trips. First with my rods, then the pack and then the berley. What a mission that was, as the wind was so strong it was hard to stand up at times. So I finally get all my gear across the rock and set up.
Wairaka Rock
Eventually I managed to catch a livey (yakka) so I put it on the LBG gear, not an easy thin g to do with a 20-30-knot southerly blowing in. The swell wasn’t great only 1-2 meters. The LBG gear is set-up, I am now waiting with anticipation. So I grab the surf rod with pillie on the hook…..and bang a yakka. In went more berley, the Yakkas were everywhere only they were too small. I ended up with 3 good size (approx 1-2kgs) and decided to sit back for 10 mins to have something to eat. Just as I sit down I hear a noise and look round to find a young guy turn up with his rod in hand. The cheeky bugger on his first cast lands a 2kg snapper (using salmon for bait). I was not happy although he didn’t stay long due to wind. So I settled back into fishing mode, cast another pillie and bang a conga 3-4kg, that’s a start. Then I land another conga roughly the same size. So at this stage I’ve bagged 3 yakkas and 3 congas, time to bring in the livey as dark was setting in. So I rigged the surf rod, sparked up the coleman, moved all the gear up the rock and waited. BANG the line took off, I’ve got a snapper about 2 kgs and am really happy. So out goes another bait, a skippy this time. Approx 1 hr goes by then I get another snapper approx 1kg. I thought the fishing was going to be good despite the wind which was swirling. Then the heavens opened up and the rain was driving straight in, not a problem I thought to myself I’ve fished in worse conditions.
At approx 11.30 pm I got a massive screamer and managed to strike the rod (bender). At the same time I heard a noise way out and as I lifted my head up I saw a set of waves breaking on the outer reef. I turned with my rod in hand and threw myself against the rock lying on top of my other rods and tackle bag. The waves hit with so much force I just lay there for approx 5 mins looking at my hands and the cuts from the rocks. Nothing worse than rock cuts, especially Wire Rock as they are like knifes. Once I got myself together and sorted out the head lamp torch that’s when it hit. Surfy no1 has 2 broken guides (can fix that) surfy no2 has a broken tip…..another $350 gone. Not a problem I’ve still got 1 LBG rod and 6 kg outfit. I started to get my gear ready only to find no berley bucket. No worries I’ll just use my bait only to find my 3kgs of pillies, fresh squid and 1.5 skippy’s gone. Now I’m really pissed at this stage, then I noticed something not right with my pack. I also lost my food and all the fish I caught along with my spare torch. I thought, that’s it going home, I’m majorly pissed off now. So packed up the gear I had left and left. Only to realize the tide was just about full. Man I’m out of practice. The swell was really pumping and with only a head lamp torch left getting off the rock was a mission. The surge between the rock and the beach was unreal at .5m -1 meter. It took me more than an 1 hour to get back to dry land. For those who have fished the rock they would know the gutter between rock and land is pretty deep at high tide. Finally I started the walk back to the carpark and that’s when my body started to hurt. My neck was out and my back was killing me…….I’m certainly not 25 anymore. This was my first comp in 11 years and it started so well. Despite losing some stuff it felt good to be back. The moral to this story is don’t fish rock ledges around wellington in a strong southerly and by yourself, especially after an 11 year break.

Tight lines and shall see you all at the next weigh in.


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