Where are all the Snapper?

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Caught alot of these small carpet sharks

Caught alot of these small carpet sharks

Well we went out today and caught about 4 Kahawai and lots of Carpet Sharks, a string ray and aBlind Eel  but no Snapper??? Well we went out just off Kapiti Boat Club and started fishing about 200m north of the Club. We caught a Kahawai there and I also caught an undersized Blue cod… a bit random I thought considering we were over a sandy bottom. There must have been quite  a bit of Blue Cod there, as our lines kept getting stripped of bait.

The Tide was pushing us towards the Marine Reserve in the north direction and since we were drift fishing using our claw anchor we decided to head further south, so we didn’t drift into the reserve. We noticed a few buoys out in the water, which were obviously long lines. We drove past them, by about 200 m south and decided to drift back towards the Kapiti Boat club. It seemed like the great fishing we had experienced with the Snapper had dried up. We caught Kahawai however there was no sign of Snapper – perhaps it might have been just a bad day. As we drifted past these long lines, it was obvious that they had been sitting there for awhile – about 2 hours had gone by and noone had gone to check up on them. There was quite abit of Kahawai activity around the long lines and we started to get some tugs on our lines as we drifted past. We hooked up on Carpet Sharks, we caught about 3 and released them all. To top it off we also hooked up on a Barracuda and as we pulled it up we saw another 2 -3 more swimming around it. I wonder if there were quite a few dead or dying fish on the long lines which would have attracted all the shark and Barracuda activity. We decided that these were not the fish we wanted so we headed back to the spot north of the Boat Club where I caught the under size Blue Cod – in the hope there was more in this spot. By the time we had gotten there the tide was on change and the current had virtually stopped. We also noticed there were a few more long lines out along the beach, so we stayed clear of these. We caught another Carpet Shark there and also a couple more Kahawai, however there was no sign of any other type of fish. Lots of Kahwai action happened all around us, but there was not Snapper. It was a perfect cloudless day and very still water – a good day for a lazy lay back fish, however it was a bit frustrating not catching any Snapper. To end the day we caught a Blind Eel – which might have accounted for the lack of action.

I know the Snapper do migrate to warmer waters as our coast cools down so I wonder if they have started to do this already? It was a bit of a downer day compared with our last fishing trip, where we caught a lot of Snapper, however I guess that’s fishing for you. At Least we can catch Kahawai… maybe we need to look at our techniques again and vary our fishing if, in fact, the Snapper have migrated. I don’t know when they do leave our waters, so I can’t really say they have gone as our next fishing trip we could catch a lot and today might be just a poor fishing day.

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2 Responses to “Where are all the Snapper?”

  1. Ted says:

    Yeah it was quite strange on the Friday as it was a perfect day just didn’t have the luck with the Snapper we previously had… I thought the Blue Cod was strange just off the Boat club… Have they been catching them of the beach or around Kapiti Island? water definitly feels alot colder…

  2. Isaac says:

    snapper are still around in numbers and will be for atleast 2 weeks to come. We’ve been getting them on the longline and on the boat. Were plenty of snapper caught in the comp on saturday up to 3.5kg

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